Case Summaries

What is a case brief?

A case brief is an organized, written summary of the elements of a court opinion. A case brief can be distinguished from trial and appellate briefs, which are prepared in connection with litigation. The case brief, on the other hand, is designed to help you learn and remember the important aspects of cases you are studying.

Because most professors use the “case method of instruction” and expect you to be ready to discuss and answer
questions concerning and relating to the cases, you must read each word in every case, carefully and critically. Case briefs help you “read like a lawyer” and familiarize yourself with the major points of each case.

How do I prepare a case brief?

There is no one perfect format for briefing cases. Ultimately, the brief should help you participate in and understand the class discussion of that case. You should be able to answer most of the questions asked in class directly from your brief. You may find the case briefs on this website a good place to start.

Below is an alphabetical list of all case summaries available on CaseSum.